Complete knowledge of Direct and Indirect tax is expected from every Company Secretary as he is responsible for all the legal compliance's of a Company. Due to this reason ICSI and designed the exam of Tax Laws for CS Executive Students. This exams covers both Direct Tax and Indirect Tax. 

First part of 70 Marks is related to Income Tax and provision related to Income Tax. It covers all the five head (Salary, PGBG, House Property, Capital Gain, Other Sources ) and provision like Deduction us 80C – 80U , clubbing, set off, return etc. 

Second part of 30 Marks covers indirect Taxes GST which includes
a) The Central GST Act,2017
b) The Integrated GST Act,2017
c) The Union Territory GST Act,2017
d) The GST(Compensation to States) Act,2017

Exam of Tax Law is complicated and due to regular amendments in primary acts, rules and regulations and court decisions on specific legal issues it becomes necessary for every student to constantly update himself with the various changes made. Other than this as per Company Secretaries Regulations, 1982, students of CS Executive are expected to be well versed with amendments upto six months preceding the exam. Tax Law Exam for CS Executive is also objective based and students should practice maximum mcq questions so that they can pass their exam.  

As per notification issued by ICSI on  18th July, 2017 GST will be applicable for CS executive students and Service Tax Laws and Value Added Tax related questions will not be asked in December, 2017 exam. 

INCOME TAX                                                               70 MARKS
Goods and Service Tax (GST)                                30 Marks


Introduction Income Tax
Scope of Total Income & Residential Status
Incomes which do not Form Part of Total Income
Income under the Head Salaries (Basic, Allowances & Retirement Benefits)
Income under the Head Salaries (Perquisites and Retirement Benefits)
Income under Head House Property
Income From Business or Profession
Income from Capital Gains
Income from Capital Gains Exemptions
Income from Other Sources
Clubbing of Income
Set Off & Carry Forward of Losses
Deduction U/s 80C to 80U
Agricultural Income
Assessment of HUF/Firm/AOP
Assessment of Company and NRI
Collection and Recovery of Tax
Appeals and Penalties of Offences
Tax Planning & Tax Management
Goods and Service (GST)