It has rightly been said that MATH is a great motivator for every human because just like math career starts with "ZERO" but it never ends.

Though mathematics seems to be very irrelevant for a student who wants to pursue his or her career in LAW, still all the leading law entrance exams like CLAT, NLU have a specific part dedicated to mathematics. Though the concepts and questions that are asked in these law entrance exams are upto 10th level only. Still these questions help in revealing a person’s capability to comprehend and solve problems. 

The best way to prepare and to be able to score good marks is to keep practicing the concepts again and again. It might be a bit tough for those students who don’t like maths but there is no other way to be able to crack CLAT, NLU or any other law entrance exam which has maths section. It would be advisable to learn and practice short cut methods to solve the problem as it will help you in saving your time, which would allow you to dedicate more time to those sections like Legal Aptitude which need thorough reading and comprehension. 

Here you will find all the important topics and short cut methods for solving various mathematical questions that may appear in CLAT, NLU or other Law entrance exam. While solving the problem keep in mind the time dedicated to each question. Timer above the questions will help you keeping a tab of the time lapsed and consumed by the questions. 


Number System
Time and Work
Speed Distance and Time
Profit and Loss
Simple and Compound Interest