Economics is an English word derived from Greek word Oikonomia which means household management. However in modern times this economics has emerged from mere household management to most important topic and subject. In modern times economics means study of all the economical activities with in organization, area, market, country or world. For a Company secretary it is also important to understand the basic concepts and factors effecting economy and economical conditions. Due to this reason exam of CS foundation includes subject of Business Economics. This subject not only covers the concepts of economics it also covers basic concepts of Statistics. An economist studies economy with help of data collected from various sources, statistics helps in arranging this data and understanding it and drawing conclusion as well. 

Business Economics Exam is divided into Two parts
 PART A:     ECONOMICS (80 Marks)


Nature And Scope of Economics
Theory of Demand And Supply
Production and Cost
Price Determination in Different Markets
Money and Banking
Basic Characteristics of Indian Economy
Selected Areas of Indian Economy
Statistics: An Overview
Collection and Presentation of Statistical Data
Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
Mathematics of Finance
Index Numbers and Time Series Analysis