Company Secretaries are expert in corporate laws and procedure. They are the best professionals to inform Board of directors about legal and financial aspects of existing and new projects when it comes to modernization and diversification of these projects. This helps Board of Directors to make decision.  
As legal aspects are becoming more and more strict and important a CS is expected to be able to handle these challenges effectively and efficiently. This requires in depth knowledge of complex procedures and laws. This Paper 8 of Module II of CS Executive is designed to provide such knowledge to students who are pursuing Company Secretary course. 
Financial and Strategic Management paper is divided into two parts. First part that is Financial Management is related to procedural aspects of raising finance from financial institutions, dividend policies etc. It also covers project project appraisal, financial planning, portfolio management and securities analysis, working capital management and capital budgeting decisions etc. It includes both theory and practical questions. 
Strategy is a very broad concept which covers multiple issues, concepts and methods. Strategy requires significant amount of efforts as even experts are constantly looking for new ways to deal with new situation which come up in dynamic environment. 

Students preparing for CS executive module II paper 8 should practice online test series as from December 2019 this paper will be MCQ based. 
Marks distribution of this CS executive New Syllabus paper is as follows
Part I : Financial Management (60 marks)
Strategic Management (40 Marks)


Nature, Significance and Scope of Financial Management
Capital Budgeting
Capital Structure
Sources of Raising Long Term Finance and Cost of Capital
Project Finance
Dividend Policy
Working Capital
Security Analysis