Time and Work

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Time and work is an important topic for all the entrance and competitive exams like CLAT, NLU, BBA, SSB, UPSC. These concepts need high level of practice for a student to be well versed with this topic. Due to this reason students must practice as many mock tests as possible. These Online MCQ mock test and MCQ questions from topic Time and work cover all the important concepts for CLAT and NLU entrance exam.

Here are some short cut tricks and tips to solve these questions.

1: Complete Job related concept and trick
Total work or complete job is equal to 1 unless and otherwise specified. So if a person can complete the job in 10 days then in one day he will complete 1/10 job or work

2: Efficiency related concept and trick
Work or Job completed by a person in unit of time which may be day, hour etc is known as efficiency. Let the total efficiency be 100. Divide it by number of unit time to find each units efficiency.
If Mr. Z completes a Job in 20 days then each days efficiency will be 100/20 = 5%.

Following table is helpful in solving questions related to time and work

No of days to complete the work or job
Work or Job that can be completed per day
Efficiency of worker in Percentage 

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