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Synonym means different words with same meaning or similar meaning. For a student appearing for any entrance or competitive exam it is important to be well versed with synonym as they appear in all the exams. Unfortunately there are so many synonyms hence it is not possible to learn them. Hence is always advised for students to attempt as many mock tests as possible.

Some Synonyms have been mentioned below. 
Run          Dash, Elope, Sprint, flee
Hurry      Rush, Run, 
Hide           Conceal, Camouflage
Do                  Execute
Use            Spend
Keep          Retain
Break         wreck
Destroy         Demolish, Ruin, 
Kill                 Slay, Murder, Assassinate
Decide         Settle, Resolve
Help         Aid, Support
Plan         Plot, Device, Blueprint

These online MCQ Mock Test and MCQ questions includes all main concepts of the Chapter (Synonym) in CLAT (Common Law Admission Test). 

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