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Sport is an English word which is short form of word Disport which means pastime or entertainment.  In early times knowledge about various sports did not received any merits however with change in time knowledge about various sports not only shows ones interest in Current activities but is also represents a person sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is considered as a virtue as it helps a person to meet challenges and work as a team. Due to these reason sport is a very important topic while preparing for GK for any competitive exam. Even for CLAT it is a very important topic as it includes basic knowledge about sports and current affairs related to them. Some of important sports terms and information has been provided here.

There is not definite consensus over the origin of Cricket, however most of the historians agree it started somewhere among Normans or Saxons. Word Cricket itself is argued to be derived from French word croquet which means Wooden post or from Dutch word krickstoel. In India Cricket was introduced by the British Empire and now it is the most popular game in India.     

India has twice won Cricket World cup 1983  and 2011 
Important Terms of Cricket
Ashes: Ashes refer to game series played between England and Australia.
Ball Tampering: Ball Tampering is an illegal action of changing the condition of the ball by artificial means like  picking or lifting the seam of the ball, or applying anything else other than sweat or saliva
Bouncer Ball: Bouncer ball means short pitched ball which passes the batsman at chest or head height.
Boundary: Boundary refers to the limit of a cricket field, or the act of the batsman scoring a four or a six when the ball crosses the limit. 
Duck: Duck refers to score 0.
Full Toss:  Full Toss is a ball that reaches the batsmen without bouncing on the ground. 
Leg Bye: Leg Bye happens when the ball deflects off the pad and the batsmen run. For leg bye a bats man must have tried to hit the ball.

Hockey is a game played using hockey sticks between two teams. The first recorded use of word hockey can be fine in book named Juvenile Sports and Pastimes published in 1773. In India Hockey is considered as the National Game however as per reply to RTI filed by Aishwarya Parashar,  Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports confirmed that Hockey is not the National Game of India as no such notification has ever been issued. Which means that India does not has any National Game. 

These online MCQ Mock tests and MCQ questions includes all main concepts of the chapter (Sports) in CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).

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