Speed Distance and Time

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Speed tell us how fast or slow an object is moving. It shows the  relation between the distance covered in unit of time. 
Speed = Distance/Time

Using this formula we can calculate the distance covered in given time. This can be done
  Distance = Speed X Time

In same way time taken to cover given distance in given time can also be calculated. 
Time = Distance/Speed

While solving these questions special attention should be given to units that are provided. A time in question distance is given in Kilometer and speed is given in Meter per second. In such situation students must convert either of them to match the other unit. Else students will not be able to calculate the correct time. 
While converting the units students must remember there are 3600 seconds in an hour and there are 1000 meter in one kilometer. 

As a short cut to convert speed which is provided in Km/Hr to Mtr/Sec students can simply multiply the speed in Km/H with 5 and Divide it by 18
Mtr/Sec = Km/Hr X 5/18

On the other hand to convert Mtr/Sec to Km/Hr Sec students can simply multiply the speed in Km/H with 18 and Divide it by 5
Km/Hr = Mtr/Sec X 18/5

Speed Distance and Time is an important topic for all the entrance and competitive exams like CLAT, NLU, BBA, SSB, UPSC. These concepts need high level of practice for a student to be well versed with this topic. So students must practice as many mock tests as possible. These Online MCQ mock test and MCQ questions from topic Speed Distance and Time  cover all the important concepts for CLAT and NLU entrance 

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