Preparation of Press Releases

Press releases are issued by public relation department which are issued by organisations on various occasions. This helps an organization to build an image among its customers. This also helps in spreading information about products. So it is very important for an organization to issue press release from time to time about its policies, products and other activities. 

There is a difference between press release and press report. Press report can be based on press release. A press release is drafted by the organization and on the other hand a press report is made by inputs of various journalists.

It is the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the company that works on the draft so that the information available with him gets published and is received by the target readers or the person to whom we want it to be conveyed. If the organizations wants to distribute information through paid ads that costs a lot to the organizations so it is important that the press release should distribute the information and it should be effectively distributed towards the targeted audience. 

Essentials of a Good Press Release
  • News value: For a good press release it is important that the information must be recent. This will help in creating interest of the audience. If the news is delayed then it will lose its value among the audience. 
  • Factual: Press release must be based on facts as in modern times it is very easy for the audience to verify the information provided in the press release. 
  • Interesting: Press release must be drafted in an interesting manner. If the draft is boring then the audience will not read it completely and the information will not be effectively distributed. 
  • Brief: Long press release tends to lose their effectiveness. A press should be brief and must convey the message that the person creating the draft wants to communicate. 
  • Format: Press release must be always printed on the official letter head of the organization. It must be dated and signed by the authorized person. 
  • Suitable: Press release should be send to the suitable media. As every press release can not be send by the same media due to various features and constrains of the modes of media.

Dispatch of Press Release
Press releases can be sent to the editors or journalists of the media or it can also be handed out at Press conferences which are summoned for the purpose. 
A press release can be for different types like corporate appointments, R&D Breakthrough, Awards etc.

It is important for a CS to be able to draft an effective press release. Due to this reason ICSI has included chapter related to press release in CS foundation exam. Students must practice MCQ related to press release and mock test online for CS foundation so that can score good marks in their exams.

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