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Questions based on Percentage are frequently asked in all sarkari exams. Normally 4-5 questions from Percentage Chapter are asked in sarkari naukri, Government Jobs exams Quantitative Aptitude Section. 

For solving question from percentage chapter candidates also needs understanding about other chapters like Profit and Loss, interest, Discount Etc. Due to this reason candidates appearing for sarkari naukri Government Job exams must study and practice this chapter in depth.


Percent means Per Hundred. Thus if we say that there is 20% children in a given population then it means that out of every 100 people 20 people are children.


Percentage can be shown as Fraction like 20% can be presented as 20/100 or in fraction by simplifying the fraction like 20% can be presented as .2


It is advisable to candidates to join best coaching classes for sarkari naukri, Government Jobs from an institute near to them and learn methods and techniques to understand and solve questions from Percentage chapter. Candidates for SSC CGL and other government Job can then practice Percentage chapter of Quantitative Aptitude section for sarkari naukri Government Job Exam online. These online test and mock test series for sarkari naukri Government Job helps candidates to evaluate their level of preparation. It also gives them a chance to complete the questions in time bound manner.


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