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One word Substitution are important parts of vocabulary and commonly appear for various competitive exams like CLAT, NLU, CAT, MAT, SSC, LIC, CDS etc. One word Substitution means that a sentence has been replaced with a single word. Students must practice as many one word substitutions as possible as is not only increase their vocabulary but it also helps them in scoring good marks in various entrance exams.

To solve such questions students must use the roots method. Roots method means to understand the words combination of which is making the word that needs to be identified.  Some examples are given below.

CRACY means the rule or the government like
Democracy means the rule of the people
Bureaucracy means the rule of the officials
Aristocracy means the rule of the Nobels
OMNI means All
Omnipotent means who is capable for doing everything
Omnipresent means who is present everywhere

Homicide means killing of human being
Regicide means killing of king
Infanticide means killing of an infant
Sorocide means killing of one’s sister
Suicide means killing of self
Parricide means killing of both parents
Fratricide means killing of one’s brother
Matricide means killing of one’s Mother

Ible means Able to be
Inaudible means a sound that cannot be heard
Inaccessible means that cannot be easily approached
Incorrigible means incapable of being corrected
Irreparable means incapable of being repaired
Illegible means incapable of being read
Inevitable means incapable of being avoided

Here are few of the one word substitution which appeared in previous CLAT Exam. Students can learn the following previous year CLAT questions and practice online Mock test.

Previous Year CLAT questions.
1. POLYGOT means  is someone who speaks many languages
2. The act of killing one’s wife Uxoricide
3. A post without any compensation or remuneration Honorary
4. A short usually amusing story about some real person/event Anecdote
5. Fear of open spaces Agoraphobia
6. Government by priest or Government which has Its State religion Theocracy
7. Of the sense of touch is Tactile
8. A severe deserved punishment is Retribution
9. The system of putting plants and animals into various classes Agronomy
These online MCQ Mock tests and MCQ questions includes all main concepts of the chapter (One Word Substitution) in CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).

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