Nature of Management and its Process

Everyone manages one or the other thing in his or her life. Students manage time to study, businessman manages operations of his business. So management is universal factor which exist in everyone’s life and every aspect of life. It is a never ending process which never comes to an end. In early times management was said to be an art of getting things done from others. However this concept has changed as in modern times manager is no longer just a senior. In modern time’s mangers is a team player whose job is to get the things done by his team in which he himself is a member. 

Management not only helps in achieving goals it also helps in achieving many other objectives like
Helps in achieving efficiency which results in more production with less resources and time.
Maximizes profits
Management helps in reducing cost
Provides job satisfaction and security to employee as in well managed organization employee is well aware what is expected out of him. 

Features of Management
It is a systematic body of knowledge
Management needs proper learning and organizing
Entry in management profession is restricted as there are entrance exams now days

Management has features of both science as well as of art. However with growth of theoretical base of management it is more of science which is still in growth stage.

Henry Fayol who is also known as the father of the modern management theory divided all the activities of industrial undertaking into six groups namely.

Henry Fayol also grouped all the functions of management into five managerial functions

Another leading management thinker Luther Gulick coined the word POSDCORB using the initial letters of management functions:
P for Planning
for Organising
S for Staffing
D for Directing
CO for Coordinating
R for Reporting
B for Budgeting 

It is to be kept in mind that Reporting is a control function, on the other hand budgeting represents both planning as well as controlling.

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