Inter Departmental Communication

For a small organization communication between the various department is not an issue however in case of large organistaion if an effective inter departmental communication system is not established then this could lead to hamper on the effectiveness of the organization. Inter or intra departmental communication is done formally. However it is not necessary it to be done on the formal letter head of the organization.  With modern means of communication in place electronic method is the best and most effective method to distribute the information among the various levels of organization.

Memorandum also known as Memos are normally confused with disciplinary proceedings, while it actually means written record for future use. It is issued when a written record is to be maintained for future use. Plural of memorandum is memoranda. As this is just information which is already discussed among the executives hence address is not required in memorandum. Executives may number the memorandum but it is optional. 

Memo Forms
Normally companies use preprinted Memo Forms for the convenient use by the organization’s executive. It is not mandatory for the memo forms to be signed. 

Memo Report
Short reports are normally prepared in the form of a memorandum known as memo reports like sales report. Such memo reports should have heading about the subject of the report. 

Office Circulars
Office circulars are for distributing information to a large number of employees in the organization. As it is for internal use only hence it must be brief and without any formal salutations. It must be properly numbered for the proper record. 

Office Orders
They have similar format that of the memorandums. The only difference is that office orders generally related to the rights and privileges of the employees hence there is difference of tone and the purpose. They must be properly numbered and dated as they remain effective till the issue of new order for the same matter. 

Office note is communication of information between the two departments of a company. It is normally done on a particular format which varies from company to company as every company makes its own formats as per its own convenience. 

For a Company Secretary it is important to be able to communicate with other departments and other professionals hence it becomes important for a CS to be able to communicate in an effective manner. Due to this reason ICSI has included this chapter Inter- Departmental Communication in CS Foundation exam. Students must familiarize themselves with various kinds of communication in an organization so that he can score good marks. Students should also practice this MCQ based online mock test for CS foundation. 

These online Mock Tests and online Multiple Choice Questions Test (MCQ) for CS Foundation cover all the important concepts and questions from Chapter Inter- Departmental Communication of exam Business Management Ethics and Communication (BMEC) for CS foundation.

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