Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the most recent branch of management studies. Mangers have realized the importance of effective and efficient utilization of human resources. In modern time managers job’s basic requirement is the most effective utilization of human resources for profit maximization.

Human resource is not only the sum total of knowledge, skills, creativity, talent of the organization’s workforce it also includes its values, attitudes, approaches and beliefs of the individuals working for the organisation towards the affairs of the organization.

Human resource management is modern form of what was known as Personal management.

Personal management is administrative in nature and its scope is limited to dealing with payroll, complying with employment law, and handling related tasks. On the other hand for Human resource management, workforce is one of the primary resources that contribute to the success of an organization. Hence Human resource management is responsible for managing the workforce by making policies and procedure that not only promote mutual goals, mutual respect it also encourages mutual rewards and mutual responsibilities among the workforce.

It is not that Personal management is completely different form Human resource management. There are certain similarities among them. Both Personal management and Human resource management lay stress on the importance of integrating human resource in the organisation.

Personal management and Human resource management lay stress on the importance of humans resource that are individuals working for the organisation to fully develop their abilities for their own personal satisfaction to make their best contribution to achievement of organizational goal.

Following are the features of Human Resource Management
Inherent Part of Management:  Every manager must take interest in training of their subordinates.

Pervasive Function: It is performed by all managers not just personal or Human Resource managers.

A Continuous Process: HRM is a continuous process and is undertaken for whole of the life of the organization.

It is Based on Human Relations: HRM is not just hiring, training and developing human resources. It also includes creating a relation and bond between the employee and between employees and organization.

• HRM ensures the most effective utilisation of human resources in the organization.
• HRM helps in generating maximum development of human resources within the organization.
• HRM ensures the respect for human beings as it provides various services and welfare facilities to the personnel working for the organization.
• HRM helps in identifying and satisfying the needs of individuals by offering various monetary and non-monetary rewards.

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