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Geography is the study of earth, its atmosphere and human activity. It also includes other factors like population, distribution of population and pollution as these factors also effect the atmosphere.  

Branches of Geography
Physical Geography:
This is the most important oldest and the major branch of geography. It deals the study natural characteristics on Earth, below Earth and other features surrounding it as well. 
This Branch of Geography can be further subdivided  into 
Biogeography: Study of Plants and Animal
Water Resources Geography: Study of water management of a particular region. 
Climate Geography: Study of weather pattern.
Geomorphology: Study of land form like Soil erosion.
Lithology: Study of Rocks
Oceanography: Study of oceans and related matters like tide, current, waves.
Orology: Study of mountains.
Potamology: Study of rivers.

Human Geography:
This is one the main branch of Geography. It deals with study of Human race, its development into various races and the ideology that these races have developed. Study of this branch includes the background of different races, their perception and ideologies. 
Following are the sub branches of Human Geography
  • Economic Geography: It is the study of production and distribution of goods in market.
  • Population Geography: Population Geography is a study of population distribution, factors effecting distribution patter, migration and population growth.
  • Medical Geography: It is the study of pattern in which a particular disease has spread. It includes common illness and live threatening disease as well.
  • Cartography: Cartography is related to mapping. It is the branch of geography which deals the creating high quality maps. 

Some important Geographical Terms are lisited below. These terms are important for CLAT MCQ Exam (Common Law Admission Test).
  • Acid rain: Rain is said to be acidic when due to air pollution there is rise in certain oxides in water droplets.
  • Active volcano: A Volcano which has erupted in recent past or in which volcanic activity are still going on is called as active volcano.
  • Altitude: Height above the sea level.
  • Cartographer: A person who draws maps and charts.
  • Crater: The circular depression of a volcanic vent.
  • Igneous rock: Igneous Rock is a rock that is formed when melted materials cools down and gets hardend.
  • Magma: Magna is a molten rock which contains liquidsand dissolved gases that forms within the upper part of the Earth.
  • MEDC: It is an acronym for More Economically Developed Country.
  • Light Year: It is the unit to measure distance. It is the distance traveled by light in one year which is equal to nearly 6 million million miles

These online MCQ Mock tests and MCQ questions includes all main concepts of the chapter (Geography) in CLAT (Common Law Admission Test).

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