Gadgets and Their Uses

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Human race have made variety of gadgets to make life easier and to measure various phenomena’s of nature. This helps us to understand the world that we live in, in a better way. Knowledge about which gadget is used for what purpose is considered as a part of general knowledge. Any candidate who is preparing for NRA CET (Common Eligibility Test) exams for government job is expected to hold this knowledge. Due to this reason one or two questions appear in every NRA CET (Common Eligibility Test) exam or other related government job exams. 

Accumulator is used to store electrical energy
Altimeter is used in aircrafts for measuring altitudes.
Ammeter is used to measure strength of electric current in amperes.
Anemometer is used to measure force and velocity of wind
Audiometer is used to measure intensity of sound.
Accelerometer is used to measure acceleration forces.
Barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure and conditions
Barograph is used for continuous recording of atmospheric pressure
Binocular is used to see distant objects
Bolometer is used to measure heat radiation
Calipers is used to measure diameters of thin wire or cylinder
Cardiogram is used to trace the movements of the heart, recorded on a cardiograph
Colorimeter is used as an instrument to compare intensities of colors
Cinematograph is used for projecting pictures on the screen and to enlarge image of photograph
Cresco graph is used to record the movement of the tip of a plant
Cryometer is used to measure very low temperatures of objects
Dynamo is Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
Dynamometer is to measure force, torque and power
Endoscope is used to examine internal parts of the body
Electrometer is used for measure electrical potential differences
Fathometer is used to measure depth of the ocean 

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