With introduction of World Wide Web (www) every person from every field of life from students to professionals all are turning towards internet for our daily needs information. Internet can be defined as massive network or networks which connects millions of computers and other devices like Smart phone etc to each other. This forms a very complex network all the computers which helps them to transfer information and data to one another.  E mail is one such means of communicating. E mail or E correspondence is also known as email-correspondence or electronic-correspondence. Email is an electronic method of transmitting information in form of correspondence from part of the globe to another. 

To be able to send an email user needs to create an account on any website that provides email services. Account created has a universal unique user name also known as email address. It was Tomlinson who chose @ symbol for providing email address. The format thus created was USER@HOST. This has been used ever since. When any email is sent to any email address it gets delivered to the person’s inbox. When the user wants to check his email he needs to log into his account and read the email. First demonstration of email was done in 1965 in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and it was called as Mail Box. 

Features of Email
It is an electronic means of communication and is send by using Hyper Text Markup Language commonly known as HTML.
It is not only very fast it is also very cost effective.
Packages like Messenger and Outlook allow user to change font, size, color etc. 
Interface between Word and email program helps in copy or cut and paste emails. 
User may also send files in form of attachments. 
Spam or Junk filters help in filtering unwanted emails.

Advantages of Email
It is easy to manage emails.
Emails are very fast.
Emailing is in expensive
Information is transferred through a secured and reliable source. 

Disadvantages of Email
Hacking of email may happen so it is not a fully reliable for security.
Due to excess number of emails received it becomes time consuming.
Pronouns and Technical Jargons used in email can make the communication difficult. 

Intra means internal. Intranet is a network of computer which are connected to each other and not to out side computers. Outside people do not have any excess to these computers. 

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