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Coding and decoding are very important for CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) and other aptitude related exams. Few questions appear in CLAT Exam from coding and decoding.  Code can be defined as ‘System of Signals'. Coding is used to send secret messages. Coding is converting the message into secret signals. Decoding is to convert coded message back into the original form. 
Attempting Coding and Decoding Question can be tricky. However with practice student can become familiar with principles of Coding and Decoding and can easily attempt questions and thus can save time and score high. 

How to attempt question of Coding and Decoding
Step I) Read and Analyse alphabets or numbers given in the code thoroughly.
Step II) Ascertain the sequence in which follows. Confirm is the sequence ascending or descending.
Step III) Find the rule in by which the alphabets/numbers/words follow in the given code.
Step IV) Use the ascertained code to find the correct answer. 

Types of coding for CLAT paper
In this type of Coding alphabets in a word are replaced by other alphabets using a specific rule. To find the correct answer student needs to find the correct code.
For Example
If ROHIT is coded as SPIJU how will MOHIT be coded
d) None of the above 

Looking at the Code SPIJU we detect that code follows the next letter of the word. Similarly MOHIT will be coded as NPIJU.

Substitution Coding
In this type of coding an object name is substituted with another objects name. Student needs to find the correct substitution and answer given question. 
For Example
Book is pencil, Pencil is Mirror, Mirror is Book. What will you use to write?

Answer Mirror.

Letter Number 
In this type of Coding Letter or words are replaced by the numbers in the code. Student need to locate the correct code for the letters or Words they need to decode to find the correct answer.
For Example
If MEAT is Coded as 135120 how will TIME be coded
a) 2019135
b) 211395
c) 26245
d) None of the Above

The pattern in M=13 and it is the 13 letter of the alphabet. So A=1 and T = 20. In same way T = 20, I = 19, M = 13 and E = 5 and the correct answer will be 209135.

These online MCQ Mock tests and MCQ questions includes all main concepts Coding and Decoding in CLAT (Common Law Admission Test). Practicing these mock test and MCQ for CLAT entrance can make the student familiar with concept of Coding and Decoding. These questions are designed to match the pattern of real CLAT question paper. 

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