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Blood relation is of the important topic for all the competitive exams. Blood relation questions are related to different relations among the members of a family and candidate needs to fine the real relation based on the information provided with that particular members of the family about whom question is asked.
Normally 3 or 4 questions are asked in various MBA entrance exams such and in various other exams like CLAT, NLU etc. These questions can be easy as compared to other sections of reasoning if the student is well aware of various relations. Here are few short cut relations for the students.

  1. Father or mother's son is Brother
  2. Father or mother's daughter is Sister
  3. Mother's elder or younger brother is Uncle
  4. Father’s elder or younger brother is Uncle
  5. Father’s elder or younger sister is Aunt
  6. Mother’s elder or younger sister is Aunt
  7. Son's wife is Daughter in law
  8. Daughter husband is Son in Law
  9. Sister husband is Brother in Law
  10. Husband's brother is Brother in Law
  11. Wife brother is Brother in Law
  12. Brother wife is Sister in law
  13. Husband sister is Sister in law
  14. Wife sister is Sister in law
  15. Husband father is Father in Law
  16. Wife father is Father in Law
  17. Husband or wife mother is Mother in Law
  18. Brother or sister son is Nephew
  19. Brother or sister daughter is Niece
  20. Uncle or aunt daughter is Cousin

How to establish or find relation between two people.
Step 1: Identify those two people among whom the relation is be established. This is the first and the most important step.
Step 2: Find out the long drawn relation between those two people who have been identified in step 1. Once the long drawn relation has been established only candidate will be able to solve the question.
Step 3: Extract the conclusion as what is the immediate relation between the two people identified. 

These online MCQ Mock tests and MCQ questions includes all main concepts Blood Relation in CLAT (Common Law Admission Test). Practicing these mock test and MCQ for CLAT entrance can make the student familiar with concept of Blood Relation. These questions are designed to match the pattern of real CLAT question paper. 

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