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In day to day language Average is the middle number from the list of number. There are various concepts to calculate Average. Commonly it is also known as Arithmetic Mean. 

Harmonic Mean is calculated by dividing number of observation with submission of X. It is generally used to calculate speed, distance time. 

Arithmetic Mean is calculated by dividing sum of observations with number of observations. It is generally used to calculate marks, height etc.

Pythagorean Mean includes Arithmetic Mean (AM), Geometric Mean (GM) and Harmonic Mean (HM).

Geometric Mean refers to the central tendency of set of numbers using the product of value. It calculated using log tables. 

Many questions arise from topic average in various entrance and competitive exams like CLAT, NLU, SSB, UPSC. These questions are quite easy and with practice a student can master the concept easily. To master the topic students must practice as many question as possible. 

These online mock test and online test series for CLAT cover all the important topics for Chapter Average from Numerical Ability section of CLAT Exam. 

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