In modern times it is every important to communicate in fast and efficient manner. When communication is to be made between two people located at distant location one of the effective means of communication is Telegram.
In telegram letters are communicated using morse code. If properly drafted telegram can communicate important information to a distant place. This makes Telegram a fast, efficient and economical means of communication. 
While drafting a telegram following points must be kept in mind
Message in telegram must be brief and clear
Time mentioned in telegram should be written according to the twenty four hour clock
Sentences of the telegram are to be divided by the word “STOP”
Normal grammar and punctuation must be ignored in telegram
Telegram must be drafted in block letters

Email started as an experiment by the US military during cold war. With advancement of Information and Technology Telegram have become obsolete and outdated means of communication. Email has taken the place of Telegram. Email is faster and more economical means of communication. Unlike telegram sender of email can send the message in detail. Email also allows sender to attack files to the email. Sender can also chose from various fonts and text colors to draft the email. 

Though email is just like a mail sends through electronic means however addition of features like speed and ease makes it less formal then a regular mail. While sending an email sender must carefully read the email as once send it can not be stopped.

Fax Messages
FAX  is short form for facsimile. It is a means of communication where the exact copy of document is sent to through electronic means. To achieve this there must be fax machine on the end of sender and receiver. 

Telex machine
Telex is just like a FAX machine but with a limitation that a Telex machine can only send text document while a FAX machine allows to send Text as well as pictures. 

Short Messaging Service (SMS)
With advancement of mobile technology Short Messaging Service has also emerged. This is just like sending a telegram but using a mobile. It is instantly delivered by the receiver. It is an alphanumeric message. 

A Company Secretary needs to be well aware about the various means of communication so that he can choose the best means as per need of the hour. Due to this reason ICSI has introduced Administration in CS Foundation exam. Students must start using these means of communication as it will help them to deliver information in an effective manner. For preparing their CS foundation exam students must read more and more about these means and practice online Mock test for CS foundation and online MCQ test series. 

These online Mock tests and online Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) cover all the important concepts and questions from Chapter Administration of exam Business Management Ethics and Communication (BMEC) for CS foundation.

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