How to prepare for CS Foundation Exam

Published On : 2016-01-01

CS foundation exam can be cracked in first attempt provided students have prepared themselves in correct manner. The problem is that till XII students have gone through lengthy notes and are in habit of writing too much in a little time. Well this is how they have been prepared and taught for most of their schooling and all of sudden they are expected to prepare for an exam that is completely objective and still requires an indepth knowledge.
Rule 1 to prepare for CS Foundation: Don't waste your time. Syllabus is too vast to be covered in a month's time.
First mistake that students make is that they do not realize the fact that syllabus is very vast and needs a lot of time to complete and to be through with the subject. So a student should start  3-4 months in advance, studying on daily basis.
Rule 2 to prepare for CS Foundation:  Don't Ignore the Study Material that you have received from ICSI.
This is the most common mistake students make while they prepare for most of the competitive exam. Students simply rely too much on notes and material available in market and completely ignore the material issued by the concerned body. I do not doubt the quality of material available in market but still a student must read material issued by ICSI at least once and this reading should be done before a week of exam.
Rule 3 to prepare for CS Foundation: Start Using Calculator and learn Short cuts on Calculator
Most of students while practicing for practical subjects like Statistics and Accountancy use mobile phone as their calculator. What they forget is  that they will not be allowed to carry their mobile phone in their examination hall.  So on the day of their exam they are not able to perform calculations properly on their newly purchased calculator and waste their time due to it.
Moreover while practicing for practical subjects try not to use paper and pen. Of course you will be provided a rough sheet for calculation but if you practice to avoid using it you will save your time.
Rule 4 to prepare for CS Foundation: Read Bare acts regularly for Law
Just as reading study material is important in the same way reading bare acts is important not only for cs foundation but for all law exams. So read bare acts whenever you can. Download a copy in your smart phone and instead of playing games to kill time read bare acts. It will help you.
Rule 5 to prepare for CS Foundation: Practice Practice Practice Practice
No matter how well you think you are prepared never stop practicing or reading. Remember Practice makes a man perfect. So practice and practice in time bound manner. Set an alarm and see how many questions you have completed. This will give you an idea if you will be able to attempt your entire question paper.
Rule 6 to prepare for CS Foundation: Have Faith
Over confidence will surely destroy you and under confidence will not allow you to take right decision at the right time. Just have faith in yourself that you can do it, you are no less than others and you can do it.